Senator Ericksen Displays His Colors

By John ServaisOn Feb 22, 2013

Riley Sweeney has posted a great one minute video clip of our State Senator Doug Ericksen showing his casual disregard for rules of procedure. Political insiders and political junkies have long known Ericksen to be this way on a daily basis. But he saves his worst for when no one else is around or there are no cameras. This time he is caught. Riley has provided us with a glimpse of the real Ericksen.

I first met Doug about 20 years ago when he was an intern to then State Senator Ann Anderson - another one who did not believe in playinng by the rules nor respecting the truth. Doug learned the ropes from her. If only more voters could see how Ericksen really operates. Ahh well.

Riley also has a couple good paragraphs explaining the context of the video. We tip our hat to the Political Junkie for this Friday afternoon treat. What is not so nice is the bill that Ericksen killed was one aimed at infant safety. Read Riley's post.

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