Riley teases us with 2016

By John ServaisOn Nov 24, 2012

Young Mr. Riley Sweeney continues to progress in his ability to amaze and inform us in Whatcom County. He has now tackled what is a daunting task for the most experienced and hoary inside-the-beltway DC columnist: an analysis of what might transpire over the next 4 years and who may be the two contending candidates for president in 2016. Hell, he's even given us the VP candidates.

This sort of exercise - writing it or reading it while mentally debating Riley - is good for any self respecting political activist. His predictions rise above here-and-now debate and show an understanding of the underlying dynamics of the political process. You can argue with him and feel you have put him down, but the credible rejoinder is for you to put forth your own prediction - or at least a competing analysis of the next four years. Riley will be either right or slightly wrong or just plain wrong. But he has put it down for the record.

Here is the link to Riley Sweeney's 2016 Presidential Race Predictions as posted on November 24, 2012.

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