Riley interviews Rep. Rick Larsen

By John ServaisOn Aug 23, 2012

Riley Sweeney is a young - under 30 - political junkie who loves getting immersed in the jumble of opinions. While a Democratic Party operative, he is on good terms with most all political activists of all persuasions. And he works hard on his Political Junkie blog.

Today he posted a meaty interview with Rick Larsen, our 2nd District reprentative to the U.S. Congress. Rick is, of course, up for reelection this fall. Many of us who consider ourselves liberal get a sour taste in our mouths when Rick's name comes up. And yet, elections are usually about the lessor of two lousy choices. Some may feel Riley is too soft on Rick, but we should remember that Riley is still getting a feel for what is possible. The interview is well worth reading and possibly commenting on.

Riley Sweeney interviews Rick Larsen on the Political Junkie.

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Comments by Readers

Riley Sweeney

Aug 23, 2012

Thank you for linking, John. I was going to post but got swamped with other stuff today and didn’t get to it.

I know that Rick is a popular target on both sides of the aisle but I gave him the same treatment I give everyone I interview; a steady tour of the issues and an opportunity to share their thoughts.

If you read my interview with his opponent, Dan Matthews, you will find I gave him the same treatment.

So I guess I’m agreeing with you, yes it was soft, but it is worth the read. There are a few fun nuggets buried in there.


Dick Conoboy

Aug 25, 2012

You opined “And yet, elections are usually about the lessor of two lousy choices.” 

Probably the reason for which my favorite anarchist Emma Goldman said “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”