Are you in foreclosure?

By John ServaisOn Dec 12, 2012

Remember the bruhaha a couple years ago with the big banks using questionalbly signed transfer documents on home mortgages? Basically, the mortgages we all have were being sold into the derivatives markets where they were sliced and diced and sold to state insurance fund managers and other naive buyers. And then came the collapse of the derivatives market and the near collapse of the world economy. Remember all that?

Well, the person who was responsible for starting and managing the company that produced most of those documents has just pleaded guilty to forgery and falsifying documents and signatures. Millions of false signatures. And will be pleading guilty in many states. Thus, if your bank is using any of those documents to foreclose on you, the bank is using forged papers and coud be committing a felony. Indeed, their foreclosure case against you could be totally bogus. You might be able to sue them. And turnabout is fair play. Check with your attorney.

Here is the article.

New York Times of Nov 20.

The blog I first learned of this. Thanks, Scot, for the heads up.

You can find more by searching. Hope this helps someone locally. Could be a nice holiday gift.

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Comments by Readers

Tip Johnson

Dec 18, 2012

This really is must read stuff and makes one wonder how many have been fraudulently deprived of their homes.  Condensed from the linked blog:
…once Lorraine Brown admitted that virtually every document coming out of DOCX/LPS was a forgery…the banks…using (them) had an obligation to…withdraw the documents and/or withdraw the lawsuits and …foreclosure proceedings.

It is a crime (common law fraud) to knowingly use a false, perjured, forged, fraudulent document as “evidence” in court.

(there is no evidence of) a wholesale withdrawal of DOCX/LPS documents from evidence or a large scale voluntary dismissal of cases or even letters sent to chief judges saying that the cases should be stayed until they can perform the mechanics of withdrawing the fraudulent “evidence.” (Cases) are still going strong and being prosecuted vigorously.

(This means) the Department of Justice and every attorney general in the country have a brand new, slam dunk, open and shut case against every single bank that is still allowing a foreclosure case to go forward based on DOCX/LPS false evidence.


David Camp

Dec 19, 2012

The key is to make sure that you continue to pay your property taxes and not lose your house to a tax sale while the foreclosure is challenged.

It’s entirely possible that this corrupt system, which was designed to subvert the entire County records office process, has destroyed the clear chain of title to millions of properties. This is what happens when organized crime takes over the financial system. When will these criminals be brought to justice?